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Flange Type Resistors
  • Flange Type Resistors
  • Flange Type Resistors

  • Detailed description
  • Type (3/4): FLANGE TYPE

    Resistance Value100Ω (4 ~ 1000Ω available)

    Impedance Tolerance± 5%,± 2%,± 1%

    Power Rating2800W

    Power derating: 100% to 125

    Working FrequencyDC-4GHz

    Operating temperature: -55+150

    Temperature Coefficient: ± 150ppm/ MAX

    RoHS Compliant


    Substrate Material BeO, ALN

    Resistive Material: Thick film

    Terminal Material :Thick Film, Nickel Barrier, Solder or no lead Silver Plated Finish


    We can provide customized product according to the customers’ requirement, such as Resistance values and Configuration.


    Download and view the details of Flanged type Resistors here