Новые СВЧ продукты от Qotana Technologies

Qotana Technologies- ведущий производитель высококачественных микроволновых компонентов и систем частотного диапазона от dc до 90 GH, предлагает свои новые разработки:


  • 0.5-43.5GHz USB Control Switch

    P/N: DBSA0200504350C

    0.5-43.5GHz USB Control SP2T

  • 52-72GHz PIN Siwtches

    P/N: DBSR0852007200A

    SP8T, 12dB Insertion loss, 35dB Isolation

  • 2-6GHz 100W SSPA EMC

    P/N: DBEMCA02000600A

    2-6GHz 100W Gain 45dB SSPA EMC

  • 6-18GHz 300W SSPA EMC

    P/N: DBEMCA06001800B

    300W, Gian 60dB, SSPA, EMC

  • 1-45GHz 0.8W SSPA Module

    P/N: DBPA3201004500A

    1-45GHz, 0.8W, Gain30dB, Psat 29dB

  • 0.2-35GHz 2W SSPA Module

    P/N: DBPA3301003100A

    2W, Gian 30dB, Psat 31dB, SSPA


  • 6-18GHz 40W SSPA (In stock)

    P/N: DBPA4406001800A

    6-18GHz,40W, Gain 56dB,Solid State Power 

Поставки GaN MMIC & MCM компонентов

Китайская компания SILINS ELECTRONIC LIMITED (SILINS) предлагает поставки высокачественных ВЧ и СВЧ компонентов, модулей и подсистем на основе GaN  :


GaN Power Amplifier

GaN Power Switch

Transistor and MCM

GaN Inter-matched Transistor 

GaN Pre-matched Transistor 

GaN High Gain Power Amplifier 

GaN Plate Carrier Power Amplifier 

GaN Transmitting Module

Новые продукты от PANDA MICROWAVE

Panda Microwave Limited is a leading high-tech company, specializes in the design, development and manufacture of the state-of-the-art RF & microwave products. We supply narrowband and broadband components, like Power Divider, Directional Coupler, Band Pass IP65 Filters, Hybrid Coupler, Low Noise Amplifier, Power Amplifier, Horn Antennas, Connector, and also with subsystems.




Новый GaN импульсный усилитель большой мощности X-диапазона

KeyLink Microwave проектирует, разрабатывает и производит ВЧ и микроволновые модули и подсистемы усилителей мощности.

Фирмой разработан новый  твердотельный GaN импульсный усилитель большой мощности X-диапазона KBP8996M53A


Gowin Semicondur начала выпуск low density FPGA

 Gowin Semiconductor Corporation, a leading FPGA programmable solution provider in China, announced new devices in its GW1N non-volatile FPGA family today. There are total 5 FPGA devices offered in this family from previously announced two devices. They are GW1N-1, GW1N-2, GW1N-4, GW1N-6 and GW1N-9. This family of devices provide abundant resources in low density FPGA designs, including up to 9K LUTs; up to 198K embedded block SRAM bits and nearly 20K Shadow SRAM bits; up to 2 Million user flash memory bits; up to 20 dedicated 18x18 multipliers and accumulators; up to 276 user I/O. It also supports applications involved PLL and DLL.


Figure 1. GW1N-1 FPGA in TQFP144


  GW1N devices provide many types of packages such as WLCSP25, WLCSP72, QFN32, TQFP100, TQFPQ44, MBGA160, PBGA204, PBGA256, and UBGA332. This allows users easily find the best option for their designs.

GW1N family of devices are fabricated on TSMC 55nm embedded flash process, focusing on low cost, small form package applications. The on-chip user flash memory can be random accessed by user logic just as an off shelf flash memory device in the market. These devices are made with high reliability standard such as 10 years’ data retention and 10 thousand cycle’s endurance for the flash memory cells.


  The GW1N-1 engineering sample in TQFP144 package and entry level evaluation board are available now.