KeyLink Microwave

KeyLink Microwave создает, разрабатывает и производит  ВЧ и микроволновые модули, компоненты и системы  усилителей мощности.


High Power combination:

0.5-2.5GHz, 1KW, CW, Subsystem

2-4GHz, 500W, CW, Subsystem

6-18GHz, 100W, CW, Subsystem

High Efficiency matching:

0.8-2GHz, 50% efficiency, 50W

2.5-3GHz, 60% efficiency, 100W

Internally matching:

8.8-9.4GHz 100W GaN Package Device 

2.5-6.5GHz 20W GaN Package Device

Multi-octave matching:

0.5-2.5GHz, 50W, 45% efficiency          

0.8-4GHz, 100W, 25% efficiency

0.02-1GHz, 80W, 35% efficiency         

 2-18GHz, 20W

MMIC customization:

2-6GHz 10W  GaN MMIC 

0.5-3GHz 5W GaN  MMIC


The product line can be categorized as below:

lBroadband High Power Amplifier
lHigh Power Pulsed Amplifier
lLinear Power Amplifier
lLimiting Amplifier
lLow Noise Amplifier
   RF & Microwave Subsystem
One of the crucial ways KeyLink’s RF power amplifiers are utilized is in jamming,especially for anti-terrorist, electrostatic shielding, vehicular and fixed site configuration etc.
Jamming Products

For communication area, KeyLink RF power amplifiers provide excellent performances for civil security; mobile communication fixed station such as CDMA, 4G; networks and IOT.


Communication Products
RAdio Detecting And Ranging, more commonly known as RADAR, is now widely used for commercial applications such as weather monitoring and prediction as well as auto collision detection. 

Radar Products
Test & MeasurementTest & Measurement
KeyLink RF amplifiers are widely used for Radiated Immunity: EMI, EMC – Scientific to help the EMC compliance labs advance the technologies and measuring method.
Test & Measurement Products